Altiusrt Help Center

Access (Competition) Given to technical officials and competition staff to allow them to manage specific competitions.
Access (Global) General access to the system. People with Admin Global Access can manage the system as a whole and setup new competitions.
Organization The system record for a club/university etc. May have multiple teams (e.g. men's and women's teams)
Person The system record that shows all historical information for an individual.
Player The competition record that shows information about that competition only.
Ruleset Identifies parameters that a competition will adhere to (e.g. how long a period is, how many players can be on the pitch, and yellow card minimum length)
Status (Competition) A competition's status starts as Draft. The various statuses determine who has access to do their tasks.
Status (Person) A person's status starts as New. When the name and information as been confirmed, the status is changed to Approved and can only be further edited by Admins.
Status (Pool) A pool's status starts as New. When all pool matches and tiebreakers have been played, the status is changed to Complete.
Status (Team) A team's status starts as New. When technical officials are satisfied with the team, they can Approve the team to allow it to participate in matches.
TD Technical Delegate (formerly Tournament Director). The highest ranked official at at competition. Oversees the entire competition.
TO Technical Officer.
Team When an Organization participates in a Competition, a Team record is created. This Team record applies to this competition only.
UM Umpires Manager. Coaches and manages the umpires.